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The place for young guys who like younger guys
National Center for Lesbian Rights Youth Project
Information & advocacy regarding safety in schools, psychiatric abuse, and discrimination in the juvenile justice system.
Scientific information on sexual attraction to underage boys.
ACLU Lesbian and Gay Rights Project
Litigates, legislates, and educates the public on issues affecting individual freedom.
Peer support for people who feel they no longer wish to live, especially those attracted to children or adolescents.
Empowers LGBTQQ youth to end their isolation, speak out, and increase their well-being and self-esteem through peer-based education, advocacy, and leadership opportunities.
Open Hands
A resource for people who have had someone close to them disclose their attraction to children or adolescents.
Historical information and artistic artifacts related to homosexuality, including age-discrepant homosexuality. Endorsed by major gay publications.
Information on legal issues, treatment, and advocacy for people attracted to children or adolescents.
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