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Open Topic is to be a place where you can submit comments and questions about general (not personal) issues that young boylovers face. Then we can collect the responses of others and publish them here. All ages are welcome to participate. We will publish as many of your responses as fit in with the goals of the website, whether they be for or against. As long as they help to further a young man's understanding of himself, his attractions, his self-worth, and his place in a functioning society. We prefer they be based on reality. We could talk all day about what "should be".

Open Topic Comments
Issue Date # Most recent reply
Boylovers should get two votes in government elections because they are such special wonderful people. April fool 0    
The California NAMBLA is proposing lowering the AOC to 12 in special cases. What do you consider special cases? April fool 0    
These topics are fakes. Still under construction. Do not respond.

Here's the place to submit your ideas and suggestions for important issues of the day that we need to discuss, contrast, and compare. There will not normally be one right or wrong solution. The staff will include as many of these suggestions as we feel will benefit the site's visitors.
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Email address if you want us to contact you. To protect your privacy, your email address on this suggestion will not be revealed to anyone and only used to help us contact you to formulate the "open topic" that you created.


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