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The place for young guys who like younger guys
We are very aware of how important your privacy is to you, especially if you are attracted to younger people, or are close to someone who is.

This policy tells you what information we receive about you, how we use it, and whether we share it with others.

Information Collection

  • We recieve information from you when you submit a message to us. We ask you for your first name, your age, your email address, and a message. We recommend that you not give us your real first name; in fact, we assume you have given us a pen-name. Your email address is optional; we recommend you use an anonymous email service if you give us an email address. We also recommend that you not include any information in your message that could identify you.
  • We receive information from you when you send us an email. The header of your email message will contain your email address, your name as you have given it to your email provider or software, and possibly your IP address (assigned by your Internet service provider). Therefore, we recommend that you not use an email provider or software to which you have given your real name. Also, again, we recommend that you not include any information in your email message that could identify you.
  • When you visit Age Taboo, our server receives and records in its logs the following information:
    • The time and date
    • The URL of the document you viewed before entering Age Taboo
    • Which of our webpages you requested
    • Your IP address (assigned to you by your Internet service provider)
    • The name and version number of your browser, and what plug-ins you have installed
    • Your operating system and version
Information Use
  • If you give us your email address, we use it to contact you if we have questions about your message or submission.
  • Information logged by the server is used for statistical purposes only. No attempt is made to identify you or your browsing activities except in the following case:
  • If a poster to the discussion forum violates posting rules, information will be used to respond with a warning, or if necessary, by banning the user.
Information Sharing
  • If you submit your message for posting at Age Taboo, we may post it along with your pen-name and age for others to view. We will not post it if you tell us not to.
  • If you give us permission, we will also post your email address so that others may contact you. However, we will not post your email address if it is not anonymous, unless you specifically tell us you wish to have your non-anonymous address posted.
  • We will not disclose your email address to anyone else without your consent, and we will not place it on any kind of mailing list.
  • We will not share any information that is not publically posted on our site with people unconnected to Age Taboo, except in the following situations:
  • In the case that someone's safety is in danger, we will share only enough information necessary to prevent harm, and with only those who need to know in order to prevent harm.
  • If a user engages in illegal activity and as a result a law-enforcement agency exercises a warrant to obtain information from our server logs, we will cooperate.

We do not use cookies of any kind.

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