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Dragoste, 24
I became aware of my attraction towards children at the age of 14. But I strongly believe everything started before. It started when I was just a promiscuous 5-year-old boy who had a strong curiosity for sex and loved to play with friends of his own age.

Zachary, 14
He was a very cuddly child, he instantly loved me and practically worshiped me. When we slept in the bunk bed, he would come to the bottom bunk and cuddle next to me. I never said anything about it, and he didn't mention it either... 14 to 12 doesn't seem like that much of an age difference but I was in high school and he was in grade school. It's a huge difference, maturity wise.

Austin, 22
I am a boylover and a serious activist. Unfortunately, the only reason I can be verbal about this issue is because I am completely clean. The only way to really make a difference is to come out. However, this is wicked dangerous for pedosexuals. BLs NEED to meet other BLs or else we will be depressed, despondent zombies forever.

Will, 15
I am having sexual feelings for some of the younger boys at my school. I always hang out with them at school, and some of them talk with me 'in private'.

Nyarma, 28
I love boys. I always have, I always will, I do not believe I'm sick or perverted for doing so, but hiding how much I love them from the world is starting to take its toll on me... Much love and support to all the men and boys out there who truly love, my thoughts go with you always. Be safe and never stop loving.

Jake, 26
I don't understand why I do what I do, or why I feel the way I do. I wish that I had a more socially acceptable problem, like alcoholism or porn addiction. But in the end I always go back to loving boys, and I don't know why.

Joey, 21
I have been dating a boy (12yo) and he and I have been strong for 7 months... he wants to hold my hand and I can't... I don't think this is fair.

Tyler, 29
I not only feel isolated, I am legally isolated. I have commited the crime of possession of child pornography, been convicted on a plea deal, and am now on a Sex Offender's Registry list which in turn makes me virtualy hunted by the law and vulnerable to exploitation.

Kayden, 23
I'm always so fascinated by films of youth. That's why I like younger boys. There's just this beautiful innocence, like living poetry.

Cody, 17   (a different Cody)
Why are we the way we are? Are we born a certain way? Is it how we are raised? Genetics? What makes one attracted to same sex, or younger age? Does science have anything to do with sexual orientation?

Shane, 15
The first time I was molested I was 4. I was always left with baby sitters, one of whom had a son about two years older than me. He was a pedophile. He started making us get naked together and would watch us "play" as he called it.

Carlos, 15
I have been brought up in a 'sexual' but loving relationship with close friends since the age of 6, I was persuaded to do so. I was happy then and still am now.

Logan, 26
Sometimes I'm lost in the darkened shadows in which my hollowed out soul remains, confusion locks the door from where I hide, from the dreary dampness I feel.

Vince, 15
I guess I always had feelings for younger boys. I liked putting myself in the control of a boys hands, I loved him being dominant over me.

John, 21
I enjoy the company young boys, the enthusiasim, and good nature they have.

David, 18
In eighth grade I was a Communist. Suddenly in the chaos of sexual discovery I became a Republican.
    - David's advice for living
    - What I am vs. who I am

Tristan, 17
I get along well with boys, I can tell they really enjoy my admiration and companionship.

Dude, 25
I met my roomate's brother when he was 10. Our friendship was immediate.

Francis, 21
I've always had feelings of wanting a younger brother to love, nurture, and be close to.

Iggy, 20
I became obsessed with "curing" myself. I decided that I was going to have myself castrated. There are doctors all over the USA that will perform this surgery.

Alfonso, 19
I completely isolated myself from people because I felt like no one wanted to hear what I had to say and I wasn't sure I could deal with not saying it.

Edward, 19
I began to get worried that I still thought the 11 and 12 year old kids in school were beautiful, whereas kids my own age didn’t really do anything for me.

Arthur, 20
There is some reason why I look at those boys and get all warm inside, I guess It's just one of those mysteries that we will never understand.

Mike, 24
I made myself believe I was gay at the age of 11, but I knew I wasn't. From that time on I found myself living in isolation...

Mike, 30
Iīm so happy we waited until it was legal. Can you imagine the sexual frustration that built up for three years? And that first time we made love ... I canīt describe it. I am completely happy.

Paul, ~40
Between the ages of 8 and 11, my mom's boyfriend and I were lovers. I sought all the attention that I got from him, I always ALWAYS enjoyed it, and he never did anything with me that I didn't want.

Peter, 38
Show that not all experiences at a young age turn out badly. It was the summer of 72, I was 10 at the time, and I spent a lot of time with my uncle.

JFD, 50
This never stopped the growing anxiety and depression that followed... now I'm trying to piece together my broken life with support from my family and doctor.

Marc, 31
I am an advocate for evolution of consciousness that promotes clarity of the issues we and many like us face in the world.

Daddy, 40
I'm still a baseball coach, and mentor several young boys.

Randy, 50
Do not be afraid to express who and what you are, a loving human being.

Tim, 31
I put myself on the line for this kid, I was worried about his well being in that place.

Charles, 37
Still to this day, my boys (now men) stop to talk to me and ask my advice.

fntm, 38
My best partner was a same age boy when we were 12. He lived next door and would climb in my window for a couple hours of boy to boy fun.

jake, 50+
I know I'm no monster, I know what love is. I'm not confused. Just so very sad.

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