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Who is Cody?

The continuing story of the revitalization of the AgeTaboo website. A new group of guys hanging around, new and more interesting tools to learn from each other, a one-stop source of answers and opinions about your most challenging personal questions and issues. For teens, it's more than just the scientific papers about our attractions. Those have always been here, and we will continue to collect legitimate sources that you can depend on for information. Teens need more than that. Teens want to know what others are thinking. How they are coping. With your help, this can be the place.

Biggest changes:

  • We have started updating the AgeTaboo site on a frequent basis after a long period of stagnation.
  • A whole new "teen" section has been added.
  • The "seeking" questions and the "discussion board" are available again for your contributions.
  • A new "open topic" section to publish your comments about the subject of young boylovers in today's society.

15 Nov 2010

We are seeing quite a bit of new interest in publishing the stories of readers and contributors here. There has been a spill-over from the new awareness of the gayteen suicide problem, and the "It Gets Better" project. Interest in younger guys is a naturaland normal part of the gayteen experience for so ma ny of our brothers. It's no great leap for be attracted to someone a few years younger than you are.

I see our site mentioned within the ranks of similar or at least sympathetic groups, and it's a battle to truly bring the experiences of others onto our pages while still maintaining some degree of contact with readers individually when needed, and a bit of time for my education. I expect that with the increase in articles and stories contributed, some reorganization will be needed to make it all available in an efficient manner. We may see the demise of some parts of the site (i.e. the unused "discussion board"), some reorganization for efficiency ("seeking" questions and responses), and a more direct approach to advice and information to those of you struggling with your attractions. I look forward to 2011 as a exciting year for AgeTaboo.

12 Aug 2010

It looks like we got some problems solved with the software we use to upload to this particular webserver. It's a pretty special arrangement, due to the extraordinary security that is in place on most major sites that refuse to condemn, but rather seek to support, guys with our attracions. It's a nasty world out there. So the slowdown we had experienced lately is over, and I hope to provide quite a bit of new resource material (our primary function) along with whatever personal support and background material comes along. New school year starting for many of you. And time to take a new look at ourselves and learn to love who we are. The world is a good place.

13 Feb 2010

We got another response to the question in the Seeking section about having a normal dating life with girls, and also finding pre-pubescent boys attractive. In posting it (that is all done manually) I found that a few other responses to the same question were not visible until now. Apologies. Since we do not publish email addresses unless they are safe, I can personally put you in touch with Markham if you convince me of your integrity. This is a recurrent question; perhaps we should look into it. See if I can get an article from someone knowledgeable about the issue (pre-pubescent male attractions among young men who lead satisfying straight lives).

We also got a very nice note about the site, the kind of feedback that lets us know that our effort has some value. I will just leave it here temporarily.

3 Jan 2010

As some of you know already, I was hit with a rough period of illness, doctors, and bedrest these last few weeks. I just wasn't myself. I never claimed to be particularly robust, but imagine me as you wish. It's only the ideas and the information that matters on the internet, not the mental images we create of each other. Apologies to all who have been waiting on me. I think it will all be back to normal soon. I am very encouraged by the comments I get from visitors who share my view of the world and our special gift.

15 Nov 2009

We got some nice submissions from an older fellow who seems to be interested in what we face as young guys as much as he is his own actions. I know that from my dealings with older guys that at some point, there is a need to slow down and break old habits and just develop a desire to be left alone and leave others alone. I had to move one of his submissions to "our stories". While we usually don't deal with problems from older guys, we all have those kinds of issues in our future.

10 Nov 2009

I got an interesting (if authentic) question last night. It's in the "seeking" section of the website. It gave me a chance to state exactly how I feel about sex with younger boys. Although I am sure that not all boylovers have the absolute best interest of the boy at heart, I do understand the desire to fool around sexually. I hope I made my ideas clear in my response to Kit's question.

5 Nov 2009

Spending a lot of our time these last few days looking over the entire site and finding little things. If you notice a broken link, or something that just doesn't look right, please drop me a note about it. Either email me at cody@agetaboo.org or submit a "contact us" message.

Ron sent in a poem of his. I have contacted a few former regulars here, and some of the guys I know from online forums and other sites; starting to hear back from them. I have tested and updated everything on safe email addresses. It is our policy to not ever publish or pass on any email address that is not considered "safe".

1 Nov 2009

They got the technical problems worked out yesterday. We didn't have access to our webserver for such a long time. But now we are in business!

6 Aug 2009

I was offered and accepted "webmaster" control of the AgeTaboo site last week. They are getting the stuff set up so that I have access to the site now. That means getting the pages and links all in order, acting best I can as "cheerleader", and supporting those who control the actual content. In our case, that would be the professionals in the educational, medical, and scientific fields who have backed us for so long.

It means updating everything and making sure that questions, comments, and contributions from our visitors are dealt with in a super-fast manner. Promise.

Who is Cody?

I am an American kid, age 20, experienced online but inept socially (in real life), who accepted who he is a long time ago. I found AgeTaboo over 5 years ago, back when the discussion board was active and attracted lots of talk. AgeTaboo was fairly new then, and while it was primarily a source of scientific and medical information, there was some excitement among it's visitors as well. I tried hard to take a serious and mature view of our issues, offered to help with the technical aspects of the site, and somehow get appointed to staff 3 months later. At that time I submitted a short bio for the AgeTaboo Who We Are section.

By that time I had stopped thinking of myself as just a guy who liked to do sex play with my friends, and admitted to myself that I was different. It had been quite a while since I could trust my friends to keep quiet about the things we did, because they were noticeably younger now and society's paranoia about "terrible pedophile predators" was reaching a fever pitch. Regardless of what I did, or didn't do, no matter how well I controlled my desires, I was attracted to younger boys. It wasn't changing as I got older. It wasn't a phase I was going to grow out of. I was a pedophile.

I was old enough to be experiencing mature sexual attractions, to know my own mind, and thus qualified under the standard definition, "an adult who is sexually attracted to children". A more careful description is available at Wikipedia. Unfortunately, most of society does not notice any difference between one who thinks about kids and one who acts on those thoughts.

I belive that accepting yourself, this natural attraction, and the frustrating task of controlling your behavior - is the best approach to take for all pedophiles, and I'd like to present my views in a way that is clear and useful to teen readers. You don't have to be miserable. You don't have to hate yourself. You can learn to find substitutes for actual sexual contact with younger boys. After all, I believe that most desires toward younger boys are not about reaching a sexual climax yourself. For me at least, it is entirely a mental or emotional thing. Not a physical urge or an expression of animal desires.

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