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Welcome to Teen Scene
A new section of AgeTaboo just for you guys still in school. We are still kids ourselves, and the rules are a little different for us. The path a little scary. Uncharted waters. Let's learn to enjoy our attraction to boys.
What's happening in our world
So what is there to do, other than sit around and try not to think about boys? Think bad things about yourself? That's not what life is all about. There is nothing wrong with liking boys and being around them. And there are lots of safe ways to do it. Let's go where the action is.
Fun Links
Unlike the AgeTaboo links elsewhere, here are many of my favorite unscientific, unserious web links about boys.
Teen Scene Blog
The story of the revitalization of the AgeTaboo website. A new group of guys hanging around, new and more interesting tools to learn from each other, a one-stop source of answers and opinions about your most challenging personal questions and issues. The teen place to be.

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