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Internet security is an especially important issue for those of us attracted to younger guys, as we are targeted online by many groups, from organized law enforcement agencies to shady bands of vigilantes who want to do us harm in the name of protecting children.

The easiest thing to do is often just assume an entire new (fake) identity, and not reveal too much of a specific nature about how to locate you. You want to tell the truth and be yourself when you can. That is the only way that you can make friends and participate in good faith in the online community. Here is a detailed view of what most guys consider an ethical yet practical approach...

Safe Email Accounts
Choose your email account carefully...

Whenever we use our computers, we leave a trail of how and where to find us. That's how the internet is able to deliver to us those webpages and emails that we request. This is a critical matter for email, since it is directly tied to what we say in the email and might seem very incriminating to those with an off-balanced view of our world.

It is less so for just surfing to websites that might indicate an interest in young boys, but remember that not only the website records your location, but anyone on your end or along the path can harvest that information as well. With a court order from any small local judge, or just a polite request to a "family-friendly" internet company, your location information can be translated into your name and street address.

Having friends is helpful and satisfying while learning to accept ourselves. But our online friends could get their computers confiscated next week, with our information stored on them. In any case, there is no real chance of getting to know anyone on a personal, face-to-face basis. The world just isn't set up for us to do that. The best we can do is to use email effectively, openly, and most of all safely. Here is how...

Detailed AgeTaboo section on internet security
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