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The place for young guys who like younger guys... how to keep from doing something wrong
"A friendly resource for a group of gay youth who usually get only unhelpful attention." -- The Guide magazine
AgeTaboo being revitalized and updated - the process continues

October 2011

Time goes by so quickly, here it is summer over and ready for a refreshing of the AgeTaboo website. I've had a fair amount of interest lately, email. Questions, offers, and calls for help from guys that just stumbled across the site and are not aware of the other fine resources on the web. It's always a joy to stay in touch with those who come here, but I know it's just the tip of the iceberg.

As explained below, AgeTaboo is a place where you can find legitimate information about the attractions that you, as a young boylover, are having to deal with, perhaps for the first time. It can be confusing and scary. We have always emphasized material that is useful from sources that you can trust. This year, however, I think we are going to add more personal articles that we feel will be helpful and also balanced. Anything to help you accept your natural attractions, urges, and still keep yourself, and your young friends, safe.

We will keep the same overall appearance, and not going to remove anything at all. There will be an even greater effort to involve our teenage readers, for whom this is all quite unmanageable and their interest, by definition, extend into the pre-pubescent. So watch the TEEN section as well as other new areas that pop up. We want to downplay the ISSUES area, since it requires a lot of effort to maintain and reader issues can be dealt with more efficiently. The DISCUSSION BOARD is our only interactive area, and will contain only what you place there. You need to register, or just send me a name and password.

We purposely don't add new, interactive software to the site, for security reasons. Our present arrangement is quite secure from interference (western governments as well as vigilante groups). Your only contact with us is via the old-fashioned Discussion Board, or using the "Your Turn" comment boxes throughout the site, or emailing me at cody@agetaboo.org. If you email, please make your subject something obvious, as I get a lot of junk and hate mail.

There is a hopeful new awareness in much of the Western world about the tragedy of gay teen suicide. The push to help in educating the public about bullying and discrimination based solely on an attraction of nature is reaching the highest levels of our society. It's a very encouraging sign. And for every young man who wrestles with depression and despair, there are countless others who are forced to deal with bullying and hatred, both organized and grass-roots, confusion, self-doubt, and extreme distortion of the typical puberty issues. In 2012 we hope to bring the focus of Age Taboo squarely on these matters, and to support the "It Gets Better" program sweeping our society.

I think we are going to drop the newsletter, it never was very popular. There is a "What's new today" link atop the front page that takes you to the teen blog, and you can keep up with site changes there. I am way behind on adding modern, up-to-date content as well, although I have taken a reprieve from school in order to work full time. That means more time for AgeTaboo. I may have to just do with an AAEET until the economy gets better.

AgeTaboo is, first and foremost, a place to find legitimate medical and scientific information about pedophilia, the sexual attraction to underage children on the part of someone much older. Of course the wording of the definition varies depending on the political leanings of the author. It does not include attractions that are not sexual in nature (which are fairly natural in the human species), nor does it include gay attractions of people within (generally, in a legal sense) two years of each other. It does not indicate that there is ever any action based on this attraction. Or that laws are broken. Or that anyone is harmed. Often pedophilia is an exercise in fantasy, or a pretty natural desire to be a big brother and honestly help someone.

There are some pretty mature, experienced folks behind AgeTaboo that oversee the content, the truthfulness, the helpfulness of what is said here. There is a lot of sensational garbage on the internet, both for and against, what is often called "boylove". AgeTaboo attempts to be a link to dependable, legitimate, scienfitic literature on the subject, and avoid the self-serving and manipulative web content others want to push off on us as "truth".

My name is Cody. I have been assisting here at AgeTaboo for 5 years now, but I just now got the OK to actually manage the website pages and to keep the content current, interesting, and useful. I am now 20, and I am a pedophile. I don't have a problem with it. I manage it and I know that I am not ever going to hurt myself or anyone else by what I feel and what I do. I sincerely hope that you can find the same peace and contentment with these kinds of feelings. I will do whatever I can here to assist.

I think it's safe to assume that in mid-life, we have all gained the maturity to manage our feelings and direct our life toward the goals that we decide we want. Everyone is different, but there is nothing I can do for a man who decides to be self-destructive. But as teens, and just-past-teens, we are poorly prepared for life in our modern society. It is toward this purpose that AgeTaboo is dedicated. So that we can each find a way to judge ourselves, our actions, and manage our lifestyle to be satisfying and rewarding without endangering and hurting anyone.

Everything here needs to be revisited and updated. My most immediate concern is to provide a place for teens, with a slightly different approach. Things are different in your teens. School, home and family, and almost no experience in dealing with the outside world. We have always had visitors below age 15, but most of our content was just too dry to reach them. Involvement of the site's visitors has been a part of AgeTaboo from the very beginning, but not the primary purpose. We have contributions (both stories and questions/answers) from our visitors, and of course the discussion board, but it all needs to be rebuilt so that it will be quickly updated and of use to those involved. It's all useful content, but for some it's an immediate matter and we have failed to provide advice and opinions in a timely manner in the past. That needs to be corrected.

And then on to the meat... a complete review and updating of the links and "information" section where the professional material is. The medical, scientific, and legal outlooks that you need to consider. The truth. No personal opinions in that part of the site. Just legitimate places that you can use to do personal research and better understand who and what you are, and are not.

So check back often, help us spread the word, and let's see if we all can't make a difference for some uncomfortable young guys out there. There is so much to love about boys, and 95% of it is quite legal.

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